ABOUT US – Heavenly Caramels


In 1992 my father Brian Squire purchased his first piece of equipment, an old Campbell flow candy wrapper. During the day, he was an accountant and at night he would work on developing his idea of starting his own candy company.

After many years of saving every penny he possibly could and developing a strong business idea, he made the plunge in 1993 and started J Morgan's Confections. Since he did not have an established product line, he managed to stay afloat by co-packing for some local gift companies for a few years. After several years of trial and error with many various products, he eventually found his niche with gourmet caramels and fudge. Now here we are 30 years later, and we just moved for a fourth time into a newer, much larger building to accommodate our business growth.

The roots of the company were built by Brian's desire to provide a quality product at a competitive price. The life of the company has always been built upon our unique ability to craft a rich, creamy, smooth product that customers want to come back to time and time again.

Although there are many different candies on the market, our caramel is still cooked in small batch kettles, by caramelizing the butter, milk and cream. This cooking process of caramelizing the ingredients is what creates a rich, smooth, creamy caramel. Our caramels have often been described as heavenly by many customers over the years and in 2008 we rebranded our main product line as “Heavenly Caramels.”

We are now into the second generation, but still honor the same core values that Brian built. We invite you to enjoy our soft and delicious caramels!